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About us ...

The need to develop the common space for the cooperation of PhD. students and young researchers of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development led to the establishment of the PhD. Students` Centre. This Centre was established with the help of European Social Fund after the acceptation of the project oriented on the adaptation of vocational training and education to the needs of the knowledge-based society.
The main objective of the Centre is to create the common space which will support the development of PhD. students and young researchers by exchanging the knowledge and skills of PhD. students, young researchers and experts and building strong cooperation within the wider space to link theory and practice.

About the European Social Fund ...

European Social Fund was established by the Roma Treaty about the establishment of European Community in 1957. It is the oldest one from structural funds with more than 50 years of investing its financial sources into Programmes which support enhancement of human proficiency and development of labor potential. Slovak Republic is involved in this process of getting support from European Social Fund since 2004.
European Social Fund is helping to develop employment by supporting the employment, business attitude, opportunity equality and by investing into human resources.
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