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About our project ...

In February 2006, we decided to take a chance to be supported by ESF and by the Ministry of Education of SR, and we prepare the project with the name The Centre for PhD. Students of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development of Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra. We succeeded in the process of evaluation and were chosen to be supported and the implementation of this project started in the November 2006.
Few partial goals were specified in the project which we want to achieve:
to create the PhD. Students Centre of the Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development, to prepare and realize study program with 5 short seminars intent on the improvement of key competencies
and to create common web page with actual information which also provide the space for the cooperation development, for getting new information, contacts and for extending the scholarly discussion.
The purpose of this project is to improve the cooperation between PhD. students, to open new roads to scholar and research knowledge and to lighten the entrance to new information sources for their PhD. research.
CENDO - PhD. Students' Centre 2007